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When starting your online travel agency with the White Label of Onlinetravel, you will be able to determine the commission percentage you want to get from your sales. For trips and hotels, you will be able to decide the commission percentage on top of the selling price of the booking. For flights, you will as well be able to determine the price per passenger and booking. And for Flights+Hotel, you will also get to determine the fee and commission on each product.

Each month you will get the commissions of your travel agency transferred to the bank account indicated, as long as a minimum amount of commissions is reached, to be able to carry out said wire transfer. Otherwise, whatever amounts reached will be accumulated to be transferred the next billing cycle.

As you can see, creating a virtual travel agency with the White Label of Onlinetravel does not imply any initial costs, and the benefits only depend on the traffic and bookings you get on your website.
You will easily achieve your goals thanks to the advantages that only the White Label of Onlinetravel offers you:

  • You will have your online business open 24 hours and your clients will be able to access it throughout the 7 days of the week.
  • Your agents will also have direct access to the Booking Panel. This means a huge time saver when it comes to searching among different websites and it also guarantees that you get the best hotel offering and the best rates in the market with one single search.
  • You will have the possibility of making wire transfer payments only for your agents. In addition, you will have control over the balance on those deposits and the bookings paid with them at all times.

What will be the commission percentage for your travel agency?

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