What advantages does it give me?

Large profits: You will get commissions on each sale you make.
Resources: We will provide you with a large network of professionals to assist your customers.
Technology: Take advantage of our technology, the most stable, up-to-date, and agile in the market.

Who are the potential users?

It is directed towards anyone: Travel Agency, Collectives, Patronages, Companies and to any person interested in the online distribution of tourist products. Our tool will allow your business, group, destination or municipality to have online presence.

What do I need to be part of this Project?

You only need to have your own internet domain. Should you lack one, we may also facilitate the hosting and creation of your own domain through our partner, Dominios.net. And, finally, you just need to register. This will allow you to be part of the largest distribution online net in the world.

How may I personalize the tool?

We propose various templates and you decide which is best for your own image. Upload your logo, change template colors to adapt it even more.

Are all white labels the same?

No, all are different and they depend on you. We offer our widget “box” where you will be able to adapt the contents of your preferred site, your destination, area or town. You may also specialize in a definite product.

How may incorporate your tool into my website?

We recommend you to consult our templates. Integration is usually quick and simple.

What will my costs be, and what benefits will I achieve?

Collaborating with us is costless. In what relates to benefits, these will depend on your website’s traffic and the reservations you make.

What are the commission amounts?

These depend on the product. In hotels you will decide the percentage of commission over the sales price of each booking. In flights, you will be able to set your own service fee per passenger and booking. In the Flight + Hotel modality, both options may be applied.

When will I get my commissions?

We will review the sales made at the end of each month and, between the 1st and 5th day of the following month, we will clear the payment via bank transfer to your account as long as the services are completed and you have reached the 200 euros minimum amount in commissions. If you have not reached the minimum amount, your balance will be accumulated for the next billing cycle.

What is the minimum commission amount required to be able to receive the bank transfer?

The minimum amount is 200 €, but you may change it to cater your needs and decide a higher one as your minimum amount.

Can I show my white label in different languages?

Yes, you will be able to show all languages you decide to use in your own site, offering the content of our products in the language selected by your user. No need to worry: your job is to configure it and we will cater for your need.

Will customers from other countries be able to access my website?

Of course. We also offer you the possibility to configure your website in various currencies so that customers may pay in their own local currency.

If there are doubts over a reservation, how may I respond?

Don't worry! We will take care of everything. Your customers will be able to manage their reservations right from your site, and we will take care of the post-sale service for your customers.

What product will I be able to offer?

We will offer your customers 500.000 hotels all over the world; flights operated with our own or your own licenses. If you are a Travel Agency you will also have dynamic packages where you will be able to unify Flights and Hotels.

I have my own product, will I be able to promote it in my own site?

Of course. Use one of our widgets to promote your own product in your own website. But should you really want your product to have worldwide distribution, contact our production department and become our supplier. You will be able to achieve total product distribution while increasing sales and benefits for your business.

Do you need help?

Contact us if you still need help. We will get back to you immediately.